Another school year draws near

As the summer days begin to slowly get shorter and the bugs embark on their journey back to Hell, or wherever they came from, the start of another school year is close at hand.  We lost a couple teachers from last year, so we are gaining 2 new ones this year.  I’m still relatively new to this school environment.  A “professional” environment, some would say.  Since high school I’ve either been working on construction sites with beer drinking hillbillies or covered in grease at some random mechanic shop.

There seems to be more rules involved in working with a school.  And rightly so.  But still, sometimes I think it would help if someone could throw a wrench and say, “You know what!  F*^# this!  I’m going home and you can kiss my @**!!”

I’m not sure what everyone else was like in school, but I’m pretty sure I was a prick.  Especially to the teachers.  And if memory serves me correctly, there were a lot of other little pricks there too.  If I was one of the teachers at my old school, I would’ve had a bottle of scotch waiting on me as soon as I got home.  Or as soon as I got in the car.  Or hidden in my desk.

I haven’t been here but just a few years and I’ve already seen quite a few teachers come here with the best of intentions, only to burn out and leave.  By the time these kids get in high school, there’s no telling how many teachers they’ve had through their school life.  You can really see a big difference between how they act with a new teacher, and a teacher who decided to come back for another year and spend more time with them.

And you never know what kind of teachers are gonna get hired or who’s gonna show up.  They might get here, poke their head out of the bush plane, and say, “Oh HECK NO!” and leave right then.  It always seems to be a crap-shoot as to who’s gonna make it and who’s not.

But with all the teachers starting to filter in within the next several days, I find myself hoping for a good school year.  As for me, if there’s a crazy teacher or two making lots of drama in the school, I can just leave.  That’s right, I’ll have to go “check” on something.  Something far away.  And it may take me all day.  But everyone else, like Essie, has to stay and deal with it.  I’ve heard my fair share of after-school rants and vents.  Sometimes it feels like she’s imagining that I’m that person and she’s just letting it all go.  Finger snaps, hand waiving, finger in my face, head bobbing from side to side.  If we get another teacher who inspires these after-school venting episodes, her and I are gonna need to come up with a “safe word”.  In the heat of the moment, it sometimes feels like my life is in danger.  After she’s backed me in a corner with her finger still in my face while screaming “AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE YOU LITTLE B***H!”  Yep….we need a “safe word”.

Awhile back there was one teacher, who’s name I won’t mention, and she was….I can’t think of the right word or grouping of words that wouldn’t result in a 9-page rant.  All I’ll say is that the secretary nicknamed her “Satan’s Mistress”.   It was a title worthy of her attitude.

So with the school year fast upon us and a couple new teachers being thrown in the mix, I’m excitedly hopeful that they’ll love it and it’ll be a great year.  One of the main things, I think, for thriving up here is to get out of the house.  Some who come here, they will go to school and they will go home.  That’s it.  If you don’t get out of the house and away from school, you’ll be crazier than an outhouse rat within a year.  It’s important to get out and go for a walk, go to the post office or the store, go pick berries, go hunting or fishing, anything to get out.

Because you can’t always throw a wrench and scream obscenities.  And you can’t always hide a bottle of scotch in your desk.  And being here, you can’t really go or do much of anything.  You have to get creative and you have to go looking for a way to stay just this side of bat-sh!# crazy.


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