Ready for a repeat

As summer is fast approaching, our daydreaming sessions about this summer are growing longer and more in depth.  Last summer, we visited northern California.  We rented a cottage on the beach and stayed there for a week or so enjoying our little getaway.  As we revisit our memories of last year, we may as well share some pictures.

This was our driveway into where the little beach cottage was.  Lots of big trees.


We looked on Airbnb for awhile trying to find the right place and the deciding factor for this place was the bathtub.  Essie took one look and said, “That one!”


We loved to go beach combing!


Even though it wasn’t very warm, we had a lot of fun.  The little house had a crab pot leaned up in the back, so we put that to use.  I’ve never fished for crabs before but it paid off with enough for a big supper!


Kian saw me pulling in the crab pot and decided to ‘help’.


While we were there, we got to do something that Essie and I have both always wanted to do, see the Redwoods!  I’m sure you’ve heard that pictures don’t do it justice and it’s true.  I’ll never forget seeing them for the first time and we hope Kian remembers it as well.  These trees are something I think everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.


Essie had always wanted to drive thru this famous tree.  I’m glad we did since a storm blew it down not very long ago.  These people were sitting on a GOLD MINE!  I’d love to know how much money that 1 single tree has made in it’s lifetime.  It’s gotta be the most valuable tree in the world.


After a couple days, we were back for more exploring in the Redwoods.


Now, growing up deep in the South, I’ve always heard how crazy people in California are.  Maybe crazy isn’t the right word….maybe Weird is better.  But, weird is cool in its own way.  I like weird.  Which is why we were both a little disappointed, because so far nobody had done anything out of the ordinary.  It didn’t feel like we were in California at all.  I wanted to see weird, spontaneous, something.  Something I wasn’t used to.

One evening as we were eating outside at a restaurant, we saw a guy dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and another guy was there with him and he was playing a guitar and REALLY getting into it!  I thought, “Jeez, that dude can rock on that guitar!”  After we finished eating and paid, we walked out that way to check it out since they were drawing a little crowd.  Turns out, they had a stereo playing that awesome guitar music.  And the dude with the acoustic guitar that was REALLY getting into what he was playing?…the guitar didn’t even have any strings on it!  I looked at Essie and smiled and said, “Ok, now I’m starting to feel like we’re in California.”


At the other end of the pier, there were some people dancing and having fun.  Gotta say, we loved the energy here.  It’s very contagious.


After that we drove to Portland, Oregon to catch the plane to Anchorage.  That’s one of the prettiest drives we’ve took.  This one place along the road above a river, there were various rocks that people have stacked up all over the side of the road.  Odd and beautiful.


Before we left Portland we drove out to see Multnomah Falls.  Well worth the drive!


Then it was back to the old grind.  Back to Nunam Iqua.  And boy, we were ready to go!  We came home to discover some kids had decorated the front of our house to welcome us back.  So sweet!


After we settled back in, it was time for fishing, bird hunting, berry picking, and boating.


This summer we plan to visit my sister and her boyfriend in Bar Harbor, Maine.  She’s a park ranger there and keeps telling us how beautiful it is, so we’re gonna go see for ourselves.  We’ve never seen that part of the country and we’re getting pretty excited.  Can’t wait!!!!


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