Our “adventure” to Emmonak

Yesterday afternoon, Essie and I decided to go upriver to Emmonak and get some groceries and also eat at the restaurant.  The Emo restaurant is a rare and special delicacy consisting of someone else cooking our meal, usually double bacon cheeseburgers and fries.  And we don’t have to do the dishes; another rare and welcomed treat.  Our friend LA wanted to go too, so we decided to take our old Polaris Ranger 6×6.  Of course, we had to stop along the way and let the ‘kids’ make snow angels.


But once we got there and got the shopping done, it was time for the real reason we came….Food.


Yes, we got our bellies full, listened to the old jukebox, watched some kids play pool, then headed back to Nunam.  The Ranger 6×6 did great all the way up until it shredded the belt.  And since I never take it out of the village, I wasn’t really prepared to work on it out there.  When I’m out on the snowmachine, I have a spare belt, plugs, tools, etc.  But did I take any of that this time?   Nope.


So I called the principal and her husband to come pick us up and we were glad to see Samantha and Solomon when they arrived about 40 minutes later.  It was getting late and Kian was starting to get cranky.  And when he gets cranky, mom and dad get cranky.  Essie and LA were staying warm by re-living T25 workouts from the past.


All in all it was a fun trip but next time we’ll be taking a few tools with us and a spare belt, because it’s not fun waiting on the frozen river for very long, especially with a little one.  We could’ve went into the trees and made a fire, and hoped an ornery moose didn’t come along and want to stomp us, or the wolverine that’s been hanging out in that area didn’t decide to come chew on us.  I didn’t bring a gun this time since we were going to town, but hey, that kinda stuff never happens…..until it does.  Next time we’ll be better prepared because up here, every year there are several people who never get a ‘next time’.


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