Nunam Iqua Potlatch

potlatch, alaska, dancing, native

Well, friends and neighbors, this past weekend was Potlatch and it was a blast!  I don’t think it was as exciting for us this year, since last year it was all new and we were doing our 1st dance.  But there were several people we know who were doing their 1st dance.  My friend Andy had a couple of girls to do their 1st dance this year.


When they introduce new dancers to the Tribe, it is at this time that they are given their Yupik name by one of the Elders.  It’s an important rite of passage.  The dancer’s family and friends pass out gifts to the visiting village members.  Then it’s time to DANCE!


Traditionally, the women stand while dancing and the men dance while kneeling in front of them.  But then sometimes there’s a wildcard.  In this case, it’s Raul….

We had a lot of fun at this year’s Potlatch and we’re looking forward to traveling south to Scammon Bay in a couple of weeks for their Potlatch.   Every year Nunam Iqua hosts Scammon Bay as our guests, and a few weeks later, we are invited as their guests.  This is one of the many traditions of their culture that we’ve come to love and look forward to every year.


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