Same ol, Same ol…

     Well, it’s been pretty slow around the village the past few days.  More of the same old stuff that I never seem to get tired of and always manage to enjoy.

     A few months ago, I helped one of the teachers here, a native man named Sol, set his net under the ice.  Whenever he is out of town or whatnot, I usually go and check it for him.  This past Wednesday, a good friend of mine named Andy, came to give me a hand checking the net.  If there is anyone in the village who’s always ready to go exploring, hunting, fishing, etc at the drop of a hat, it’s Andy.


This is Andy, “What the hell are you doing?  We’re supposed to be checking a net, not taking pictures!”


Not long after we got back, I had to go do some work in the shop.  Kian wanted to come ‘help’ me.  I let him come along, but the noise was too much for him, he had to have ear muffs.  After a few minutes, I turned around to check on him, and saw that he was busy doing “paperwork like Daddy”.


“Dad, my a good helper, huh?”

I like it when I can get Kian out of the house and do stuff.  Not long after Kian finished his ‘paperwork’, we had to go meet a plane to pick up some freight for the school.   After I got off the phone with the airline agent, I said “Kian are you ready to go see an airplane?”   To which he responded, “Daddy, that’s not an airplane.  That’s my friend tengssuun!” (Yupik for airplane).

004005 He loves watching the airplanes come in and take off.  As the pilot was trying to unload the plane, Kian walked up to him, put his hands on his hips, and said “So, what u doing today?”  I thought the pilot was gonna fall over from laughing so hard!

 –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

The next day, I had to do one of the many things that I truly enjoy doing up here….take a snowmachine ride!  I had to ride up to Emmonak, a village upriver from us, to get supplies for school activities and a new battery for the school’s snowmachine.  This is how we usually go grocery shopping, which takes the better part of a day unless you rush, which I try not to do.  It’s much more pleasant to get comfortable and enjoy the ride, enjoy the day.  It’s easier on the machine, on you, and especially easier on the groceries!  Just as long as you don’t hit rush hour traffic, which to be honest, if I see 2 people on the 1-1.5 hour ride home, it’s a very busy day.


And tonight…….POTLATCH!


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