Cold Weather and Hot Coffee

In the wilderness, I bid I stay,

and abide to the day that my hairs turn gray.

Everyone is blessed with the gift of perspective,

I’m blessed, like many, to have one that’s reflective.

No longer I crave the distractions and noise,

good luck to the Joneses and to hell with their toys.

Live a whole lifetime and never accomplish a thing,

clock in and clock out for the cars, clothes, and bling.

Whether a slave to your demons or a servant to God,

keep your shares, likes, and re-tweets;  I’ll take a smile and a nod.

One foot in the new world and one stuck in the old,

I didn’t come for the fishing, I came for the cold.

I long for a campfire tucked under a snowbank,

and a hot cup of coffee that needs to be drank.

So when the day finally comes, the hour of death,

the wilderness I hope is who hears my last breath.



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