Polar Bear? BigFoot?…

     After I caught my 1st moose this spring, I took what was left of the rump after I got all the meat cut off and packed away, and I hauled it out to a creek a few miles away from here.  I had been thinking of setting a few traps in the area and figured this was a good way to see what was around.  Plus a good way to get rid of what was left of the moose.

     I went back after a couple of days and saw a TON of tracks!  Most were foxes, a lot of bird tracks (most likely ravens), and then there were a bunch of claw marks.  Keep in mind that just a couple days ago, the only tracks here were my snowmachine trail and a few fox track trails.  IMG_8135


I don’t know what made the claw marks.  All I know is that I don’t remember seeing them before, and I’m usually going slow and looking around for stuff like that when I’m out.  While I was walking around trying to figure it out, I saw another few tracks that I didn’t remember seeing out before either.  I snapped a few pics and headed for home.  I’d been out for a few hours and was ready for coffee and a snack.


I threw my glove down just to have something to compare it to when I looked at it later.  Now, I don’t have small hands.  I wear XL gloves.  I was wearing Arctic Pro Muck boots and I stuck my foot up there and it was almost as long as my boot.  Not quite, but close.  I wear 13’s and Arctic Pros are a little on the bulky side, but not too bad.   So whatever it was, I figured it was pretty good sized.

After I got home, I was looking online at pictures of different animal tracks in the snow and about the closest thing I saw was a polar bear.  The other bears have claw marks visible in their tracks.  But I would like to know for sure, so if anyone has any opinions, I’m all ears.  Polar Bear?  Hairyman (what the locals call Bigfoot)?  A five-peckered fat bird?..


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